LJ´s Partyland offers an Amazing Experience With our Bartender service.  We work with all event sizes with a start of at least a 4-hour service of pouring drinks and entertaining your guests at a venue or home. However, you are more than welcome to hire as many Staff and Hours as you wish.  

We set up the bar section 1 Hour before the event, depending on the event size. We always make sure we are ready for your guests at the promised time.  We assist with planning and menu development. 

We are also available for a free consultation; first 20 minutes are on us. You can also request a quote or book today! Our go to line is 323.790.9087 and our email is

Cosmopolitan Package


Perfect for 40-100 Guests
-1 Bartender
-1 Barback
-4 Hours of Pouring 
-3 Beverage Tubs (Red or Blue) 
-Professional Bartending Tools 
-Printed and Customized Bar Menu 

 V.I.P Pack
 -Ice Cubes
 -10 oz Clear Acrylic Cups
 -Bar Straws (Red or Black Available)
 - Bar Napkins (White Or black) 
 -Freshly sliced Limes
For just $6.99 Per Guest (serves 5-6 drinks per guest)!

Please note:
-Additional Hour 1 Bartender and 1 Barback $75.00
-Additional Bartender 4 Hours $175.00
-Serpentine Bar table, Skirted & Tabletop $75.00
-If your Event Is Larger than 100 Guests, you will need more than 2 Bartenders. However you are more than welcome to hire as many bartenders and hours as you wish.
-Prices are subject to change depending on the distance and After-Hours Service.
-You must notify us via Email if you will need our staff to perform additional hours 2 Days prior to the event.

Add Glassware 
Check out our Event Equipment Rental Section for more bar equipment selection. 

Glassware Type

Price per Unity

Shot Glass

.55 Cents

Martini Glass 

.90 Cents

Champagne Flute 

.90 Cents

Multi Use Goblet 

.90 Cents

Long Stem Wine Glass 20 oz.

.90 Cents

Med Stem Wine Glass 16 oz.

.90 Cents

Highball Glass 12 oz

.90 Cents

Lemonade Carafe

.90 Cents

Margarita Glass

.90 Cents


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